This is one of those days where I just have to sit and cry it out. 619 days to go. Its the kind of day where all I do is ask why us? It just isn’t far that this happened to us. Two people that love each other so much deserve to be together, not halfway across the world from each other and for such a long time. These 2 years will be one of the hardest things we have both done in our lives, but one day we will look back and say how strong were we? We will show the world how strong our love is. To the moon and back 





Proposal story

Its been about a month now that I have been engaged to my best friend and the love of my life! It was the most amazing night of my life and I still get butterflies when I think about how he did it. We were sitting on the beach in OCNJ and watching fireworks for the shore surviving super storm Sandy. After the fireworks were done we decided to go stand down by the water, it was so warm, and we just stood there holding hands in the water looking at the moon. I told him how happy I was, and then he turned to me, got down on one knee and asked if I would make him the happiest man in the world and marry him! I just jumped into his arms and started screaming yes! I was so happy that we finally took the next step and will start our lives as a married couple soon! 

Hello again blog

Its been forever since I have posted anything on here! Kevin is finally done with MOS and has been in Japan for a month now! It was a hard goodbye, but things will get easier because hopefully this summer we will be getting MARRIED! Yes! Kevin proposed to me on his leave after MOS, it was the most amazing night of my life. Its tough knowing that we will have to wait 2 years until we can live together, but we know that its worth the wait! We are both 23 and ready to start this journey of marriage finally! He is the most amazing man, and shows me everyday how lucky I am to have found him. 

"I’ll be looking at the moon, but I’ll be seeing you."


Its been a week now since I’ve been back from visiting Kevin in Missouri! It was the best 5 days of my life, he made it such a memorable trip and I wish I could go back! I am so glad I made the trip out there, we definitely needed it, it made us realize again how it felt to be in each others arms again and I think it opened up his eyes to how much he wants me to be there day after day forever. When we said our goodbyes it was one of the toughest ones yet, they keep getting harder, but it just shows how much we care for each other, we don’t want to let go. I felt so bad, but I couldn’t even bring myself to watch him walk down the hallway, it just breaks my heart seeing him walk away from me. But once he left I had to go looking around the room because he told me he left a note for me, I found it in my shoe the next day and the ending to the note was my favorite part….” I know you are the one”. I love this man so much, I love the little things he does for me. Ill see you soon <3

I get to see Kevin today :) 5 day vacation together! We both need this!